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However, it does not apply to price comparison websites or search engines. However, if a party aggregating information on products participates in the sale, the provisions of the directive imply that it should comply with the new information obligation. For failure to comply with the obligation, the entrepreneur may be subject to financial penalties impos by the. Voivodship Trade Inspector up to PLN. If the entrepreneur breaches the obligation three times within months, the fine may reach up to PLN. If, on the other hand. UOKiK finds a violation of the collective interest of consumers. Obligation to inform the.

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The fine may be equivalent to up to of the turnover calculat on the amount of the annual turnover achiev in the previous calendar year. See alsoInfluencers under the microscope of. UOKiK the end of surreptitious advertising Other changes Another important aspect of the Omnibus. Directive, albeit of less interest, is the ne to inform. Consumers about price personalization practices. This means that if the price is set individually, bas on previously Finland Mobile Number List collect customer data or steps taken e.g. how to interact with the offer, behavior on the shop’s website, etc. The consumer should be clearly inform about it. Another aspect of changes relat to the. In addition, the changes to the Directive introduce an.

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Omnibus is also important from the. Point of view of consumersmany people base their purchasing decisions on opinions collect under the. Product card, especially in large online stores or on platforms for comparing goods. What some consumers don’t realize, however, is that not all reviews are creat by real customers. Opinion solicitation is nothing new. And is an essential part of the advertising efforts of various brands. The omnibus aims to USA B2B List protect consumers and establishes an obligation to inform them whether reviews of goods come from real users.