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After setting up an account, it’s a good idea to check that your payment settings and budget invoices are correct. As in the case of Facebook ads, traffic from Microsoft gets lost in Google Analytics the use of UTMs can partially solve this problem. We are curious whether ads in the Bing search engine will gain more popularity on our market and whether they will contribute to breaking Google’s monopoly. At the moment, they can be treat as an additional source of traffic and conversion. Humanity has been telling stories for a long time, because storytelling is one of the most effective tools of communication and persuasion.

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He has been serving in leadership for several thousand years, in content marketing for just over years. Skillful storytelling is a very effective weapon of marketers and has an impact not only on sales campaigns, but above all on the perception of the brand. What do good stories have in common Is there a universal pattern that is us in storytelling Ecuador Mobile Number List common features of well told stories Usually, something that doesn’t concern us in some way doesn’t interest us much. This also applies to history if it is not close to us, it will not be interesting to us. If you want your story to be a dialogue, a link between you and others, make sure to activate mirror neurons in the recipients of your content.

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They are responsible, among other things, for compassion. They were nam that way because they mirror the behavior or emotions of others. Thanks to this action, you will build a relationship with the recipient. This is a key feature of storytelling. Do you watch a movie that is boring to you, or do you turn it off Do you read a monotonous book from cover to cover to the last dot, or do you rather abandon it on the shelf in favor of another title Emotions are the USA B2B List foundation of our lives. They accompany us from the beginning, although along the way we get to know a wider range of them.