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Billing Summary It shows you a summary of charges and payments. Documents Download statements for taxes, reviews, and budget meetings. Transactions This details every transaction made on Google Ads. Settings Check your payment account, payment details, and payments contact information. Promotions. Track any current promotions and past promotions. Google will run promos for small business advertising from time to time. Take advantage of those when you can. Whew Feel a little bit like Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road Youre almost to Oz.

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That wraps up our Google ads for beginners guide. Heres another interesting post that you ne to read next, how to make money with Google AdWords Ads. If you ne more help with your Google ads, dont hesitate to contact us today How to Use Publishing. Tools Tips for Posting Brandi November , ~ Last Updat October , publishing tools Play New Zealand Phone Numbers List Mute. Download Want to listen to this post Click play will keep playing even if you lock your phone. If you post content on your business page, youre going to want to know how to use the publishing tools. As well as the best practices to use when it comes to posting on . So were covering both of those things in this post.

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Plus the layout and features of publishing. Tools that have chang since just the start of this year. Keep reading to be up to date on everything and maximize your posts reach and engagement through publishing tools. Lets get start Takeaways You can and should still use hashtags to get that extra organic reach and use them in conjunction with keyword searches. Make sure youre addressing your target market by their nes and desires as USA B2B List oppos to talking about your company. Youll want to download the Creator Studio from the app, which allows you to publish and schule posts in advance.