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In the last two years, a startup born in 2017, with the complicity of a pandemic that has made everything more difficult except ‘staying in front of a computer’, has Contributed to the relaunch of a web-marketing evergreen in a formula that was born at the dawn of WordPress. Substack. allowing anyone to start writing a newsletter (or to import an existing one) on its platform.

Has re-launched an ‘home’ blogging model that goes.

beyond the classic newsletter we are used to. Not only then the newsletter full of links, GIFs and discounts. Thanks to Substack. The newsletter returns content created specifically for our followers and adds the possibility of an upsell to our contacts, giving the option to create exclusive content for subscribers. There are subscribers, therefore.  Who receive free  Chinese Australia Phone Number List content produced ‘for everyone’ in their Inbox, and then there are subscribers. Who pay an amount established by the user each month to receive something extra.

Many journalists are using Substack exclusively

Special Database

For this second option and the ability to record the reading of their article, Exclusive videos and even subscriber-only podcasts is becoming a (small) business model for many creators. An example of success can be seen in Platformer by the American journalist Casey Newton, former editor of the online magazine ‘The Verge’. And you?  Are you ready to launch yours?Need to buy your own hosting? Before doing.

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