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March 1, 2023 By luedh

Full screen e perience Step. Once you’ve got your format select, you can move on to your Ad Creative Since we kept the. Create a new single image or video ad option select, it prompt us to add our mia. You can see catalog as one of the options, and that’s something we want to pause to touch on really quickly We unselect all of the catalog and dynamic options earlier because we are a. B B pany, and we don’t have emerce products to sell. However, if you are an emerce pany, the catalog, carousel, and collection options are your friend. Uploading your product catalog will allow.

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You to do dynamic retargeting. So for e ample, if someone goes to your website, clicks through a few products, and then e its, dynamic retargeting will find them on. Instagram And then IG will show them the e act products they were looking at on your website and prompt them to go back and check out It’s a more personaliz e perience for List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu the user, because instead of just showing the same. Blanket ad to  everybody you’re showing them the products they specifically look at. Another thing is with collection and carousel ads for emerce, you’re sort of allowing.

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The user to shop right there within Instagram. They can swipe through your products conveniently right there in the ad, and then choose to click to your site or Instagram. Shop if they want to see more So we want to take a second and just mention that for any emerce store owners reading. We also have a whole Instagram shops post that you can read after this. So in addition to those mia types, also gives you the option to create a video right there USA B2B List within the. Ads Manager It basically gives you a few different ways that you can create a slideshow or a single image.