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It works well for many websites, including stores. However, keep in mind that this is only a general guideline. It happens that an online store requires the user to make several decisions then the optimal scenario will require not three, but four or five clicks. Unreflectively sticking to the three click rule may therefore turn out to be negative for UX. Clear division of categories A clear division of categories also contributes to a positive user experience. It should be remembered that most people visiting a given online store are looking for specific products. So it’s worth making it easier for customers by creating categories.

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For example, clothing stores divide their products into women’s, men’s and children’s, then into new arrivals and sales, then into sportswear, footwear, accessories, underwear and so on. The sense of order and ease of searching contribute to quick purchases and increased sales. Product finder An addition valued by users is the product Albania Phone Numbers List search engine. This is not a mandatory element, but it is certainly an added value of an online store. The best search engines guide users by completing the product names for them and or displaying thumbnails of those products.

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This is another element that aims to save customers’ time. CTA buttons CTA call to action buttons are a method of telling potential customers what they should do when they are on a given website. A CTA is a link in the form of a button, graphic, text or slogan that encourages you to click. Its main purpose is to trigger an action in the person visiting the online store. This action usually consists in completing a form or adding a product to the basket. CTA is usually a button with a characteristic appearance that differs from the adopted graphic convention. The inconsistent USA B2B List appearance attracts the user’s attention. Consistent look of the entire website.