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Thus women account for. of those active on the platform. The report was bas on data obtain by Twitter itself. In the GWI survey DIGITAL POLAND as shown in the graphic on page of the report. of respondents admitt that they had actively us the website in the month precing the survey. Twitter user data LinkIn The LinkIn platform is primarily us to establish business contacts. According to the Statista report from August the market share of the website was only. Social mia market share held by LinkIn in Poland from August to August. The greatest interest was record in August.

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The profile includes information such as the user s professional path but companies also have accounts. Its resources are eagerly us by job. Seekers and recruiters for whom the portal is a source of knowlge about the competences of potential candidates. Thanks to it you can be notic in the industry and thus gain new contacts or find a better job. On Norway Mobile Number List the portal you can publish valuable articles belong to professional groups or publish job offers. Its popularity is constantly growing and this trend will certainly continue in the coming years. According to statistics for December obtain using the.

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Growing competition makes both. Companies and individuals look for new ways to make contact and improve business communication. Bas on the data provid by LinkIn a report was creat that indicates that women are a minority ie. Of website users while men. DIGITAL POLAND. In the same report creat by We areso social and Hootsuite we can read that. Of respondents declare using the website. User data linkin TikTok. Not only Instagram but also TikTok are the most popular social mia of among young people under. The second channel is a USA B2B List relatively new format among popular social mia platforms in Poland.