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March 2, 2023 By luedh

The difference may also result from logging in on different devices. Facebook is definitely better at recognizing users using the site on different devices. If a Facebook user interacts with an ad on a phone and does so again on a computer, the system recognizes them and treats them as the same person. It is enough that such a user is logg in to his account. For Analytics, an interaction on a different device than before will be treat as a new session and the system will not necessarily be able to properly assign the channel. This may cause further discrepancies in reading the results.

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See Conversion path from recipient to customer. Differences in data are a natural phenomenon in almost every account. When analyzing statistics in both channels, we will almost always see differences. Google Analytics and. Facebook Ads are two different tools that work differently, and it will be difficult to unify results across both channels. You can Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List modify the attribution models and try to influence how conversions are attribut, but it won’t always make sense. It is good practice to observe the results in both channels and draw conclusions from the statistics. Accepting that differences will arise is the best solution.

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Some advertisers try to average the results. Of both channels or use other methods of aligning the values. It is best to observe what is happening through. Both channels, what quality of traffic appears, what conversions look like, who are the interacting users and on this basis draw conclusions and make decisions about optimizations that will be beneficial for the business. It’s also worth checking the Multi Channel Funnels report in. Google Analytics to USA B2B List see what role other channels and ads serv through them play in a given conversion. without taking action, coming up with solutions or.