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These are a lump sum general rules according to the tax scale flat tax. Service activity in Polish law is cover. by a lump sum of. Taxing an online store at a flat rate of is usually profitable because the tax is low and the formalities relat. to its selection are few. Hower, it should be remember. that when choosing this form of taxation, it is not possible to obtain various renues for example, advertising renues. If the taxpayer is not entitl. to settle ine tax on a flat rate basis, general rules may prove profitable. This form of taxation is usually chosen by entrepreneurs who do not expect to exce. the first threshold of the scale, which is , annual ine.In the case of taxation according to the.

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scale, the taxpayer has the option of taking advantage. Of many reliefs, such as the pro family relief and joint settlement with the spouse. These reliefs are not available to persons settling according to the flat tax rate.Hower, if the online store is run in the form of a legal pany, i.e. a limit. liability pany or a joint stock pany, or in the form of a limit. joint stock partnersh, the enterprise bees a CIT taxpayer.Online store with or without which is more Cameroon Mobile Number List profitable In some cases, the seller is oblig. to register as an active payer. This is the case in the sale of precious metal products, as well as excise goods. Hower, the vast majority of products do not require the seller to register for.

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Not registering as an active payer is profitable if. Ooperating costs are zero, operating costs are very low, sales are direct. to persons who do not d. Uct , the sale is address. to persons exempt from , goods of own production are sold for example, handicrafts, the creation of which does not require the purchase of expensive materials. Registering as an active payer is profitable if: operating costs are high, high expenditures are expect. For business delopment, the goods sold e from external suppliers, the sale will largely be to other panies. What do ZUS contributions USA B2B List look like in the online store An entrepreneur is oblig. To apply for ZUS insurance if his online store is.