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March 7, 2023 By luedh

A fire has been detect in the building. Firefighters arriv immiately but were unable to control the fire. Part of the building has been isolat, affecting the services provid in SGB. We recommend that clients activate a crisis management plan.” OVH server room fire in Strasbourg After a few hours, Klaba wrote about putting out the fire. The SBG building burnt down completely, SBG partially. The third thanks to the quick intervention of firefighters did not catch fire, and the fourth building was intact. No one was Injur as a result of the fire. In the meantime, the company has releas an official statement.

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Effects of the OVH fire in Polish companies. The discontinuation of all four blocks of the server room result in significant difficulties in the functioning. Of many websites around the world, including those from Poland. Senuto, a platform for optimizing SEO activities, had serious problems, and was inactive since Wnesday. Since then, work has been Slovenia Mobile Number List underway to restore the site. This morning. users can use the site without any problems. BaseLinker, us by eg. Seller of the Allegro website, also did not work. The site has been working on installing a new environment for a long time. After several dozen hours, the platform return.

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The large online bookstore Bonito. Pl inform on its Facebook page about the loss of some e mails sent before or during the fire. As a result of the implementation of the discovery recovery plan recommend by OVH, orders are accept on an ongoing basis, without any problems. Customers of also had difficulties in finalizing orders. The hotline was also unavailable. On the company s Facebook page, we can read that the hotline is now available and the problem with sending parcels has been fix. a portal relat to MMA , USA B2B List the website of the Catholic Information Agency and many other websites are still struggling with non functioning websites.