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Marketing legal regulations Pursuant to the Act on the provision of electronic services, sending SMS messages may constitute communication between enterprises and customers, i.e. simply advertising. However, companies that decide to send marketing or commercial information through the use of SMS marketing can only send such messages to people who have previously given their consent. Thus, SMSs, MMSs or VMSs usually go to those customers who have already us the offer of a given company and declar their willingness to receive notifications from it.

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Therefore SMS marketing can be us by any entrepreneur, provid that they receive the consent of the client. The history of SMS marketing SMS marketing was creat less than thirty years ago – in the early s. Its creation, of course, is connect with France Mobile Number List the popularization of mobile phones, and then – smartphones. Interestingly, the number of SMS, MSM or VMS messages among individual users is constantly decreasing. In turn, the number of such messages sent by enterprises with marketing or information content is growing. SMS campaigns SMS campaigns are a type of one-way communication – the company sends a message to the customer, and the customer has no way to respond to it.

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SMSs are sent to customers who are in the company’s contact database. An example is informing the customer about current promotions. Therefore, SMS campaigns perform a marketing function. SMS notifications SMS notifications, like SMS campaigns, are a type of one-way communication where the customer receives a message from the enterprise and cannot send feback. SMS notifications have an informative function – they remind you of an appointment in a certain place, inform you about the delivery of a package on a specific day and at a specific time, and so on. Two-way SMS communication Two-way SMS communication allows not USA B2B List only the company to communicate with the customer, but also the customer to answer.