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This brand is a natural hair care specialist. A master cosmetologist, and a manufacturer of the first complete line of natural and chemical free hair care products. Her brand offers hair care products that are specifically creat and formulat for naturally curly, coily, kinky, and wavy hair textures. Taliah Waajid reach out to us to help them with their social mia management. We generat , fans for them, over , total engagements, and over , video views at $ . per view. digital marketing case studies So let’s look at how we did it. Similar to Mototrax’s social mia campaign, we ran multiple ad campaigns for Taliah to accomplish these different objectives.

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We generat her Facebook fans or page likes at. Per Facebook fan, Her post engagement at anywhere from cent to. per engagement, which is very low, and her video views at cent per view. digital marketing case studies But you can’t just throw some ads up on social mia and expect these kinds of results. The magic ingrient was in our planning. We broke our strategy down into phases. Research of Competitors and Customers Development of Content Kenya Mobile Number List and Growth Strategy Implementation of Content and Follower Strategy Measure and Reporting and Optimization Lifecycle The short version is that we found and target her ideal prospects.

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Built a connection with them, and creat engaging content to keep them coming back to her page and brand for more. Case Study The Handkerchief Shop Next on our list of digital marketing studies is the Handkerchief Shop. They are a small business that produces custom handkerchiefs for wdings. The shop has expand its embroidery options over time so that customers can fully personalize their products. They came to us to optimize and improve their USA B2B List search engine rankings. They start with first page rankings, and we help them get to first page rankings.