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By Delivery, then Country Now we’re only. Running ads in the U S but if you’re running ads in multiple countries, the same principle applies here. Where you can determine which country is driving the most results and which is driving the least and make inform decisions from there And as you saw on the gif above, there are tons of different breakdown options to choose from Placement and country are just the most relevant that we usually see for our clients But you can break your campaigns down by any metrics that are relevant to you to allocate your budget appropriately.

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Final Takeaways So in total, we’ve look at. Metrics today The most important, and then more common helpful metrics That’s still only out of a bazillion. Right The thing is, you don’t want to get overwhelm by all the metrics there are to look at And you also don’t want to get caught up focusing on metrics that don’t really matter as much So we would Malta Mobile Number List advise you to start with these , and then if there is still a metric you feel like you ne to look into you can always go back to customize columns and type it into the search bar to see if offers it Once you.

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Kind of get in a rhythm with the main metrics. You want to compare every day, you can also click the Columns dropdown And then, click set as. Default to create your own custom default settings of the metrics you want to always see when you log into Ads Manager Get E clusive Marketing Tips Join over , marketers who get e clusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers Enter Your Address SIGN UP Is there a metric you were hoping we would go over today that we didn’t If so, let us know down in the comments so we can help USA B2B List you out with it Otherwise, the last thing we want to leave you with is this Ultimately, analyzing your ad results.