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March 1, 2023 By luedh

Sponsor messages can only be utiliz via. Messenger messenger ads which makes sense because you’re re-engaging conversations with users on that platform. On the other hand, click to message ads can be run on messenger. WhatsApp, and Instagram direct since owns all of them . You’ll also want to make sure you have the correct business page select. From there you can set your target audience, budget, and schule the way you normally would. Now if you ne further help with setting those things up properly you can read our how to create ads post which will. Give you a more detail tutorial on how to set up a ad, in general.

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But in this post, we’re specifically covering the Messages campaign. So, we want to keep moving and focus on the parts that are message-ad specific. Back to our screen, one thing we notic was that it let us select all the automat placements. But then, when we got to the ad level, it said the Messages campaign was only compatible with the Newsfe. Messenger Inbox, and Instagram fe placements. So we’re telling you now to save you the trouble of having to Spain Phone Numbers List click back and forth. Those are the placements you’ll ne to select on the ad level screen. Step After that, you can click forward to the ad level.

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If you select the Instagram placement, you’ll ne to. Make sure you have the right Instagram account select here. From there, you’ll want to choose your ad creative like normal, and add your text. For the CTA, you’ll want to choose Send Message. And you can see is prompting us to use “Chat in messenger as the headline because you do want to qualify your. Audience and make it obvious as to what to expect. And that is when they click your ad, it’s USA B2B List going to take them to messenger, not a website. Step Now here is where we start getting to the message ads-specific setup of Messenger ads.