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In the case of local positioning, an important factor is also the assumption if the client does not have one and optimization of the Google My Business listing. Watch our webinar Google My Business how to be visible locally Website optimization is a set of activities aim at adapting the content, code and graphics of the website to the requirements of the search engine. The use of webmaster tips and good SEO practices helps to increase the visibility of the domain in search results and thus reach a specific group of users. Optimization helps search engine robots understand the content of the website, get to know its subject matter and assess its value for Internet users.

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Effects of implementing optimization recommendations. Our clients often resist making changes to the website that we recommend after an SEO audit. From our point of view, this is groundless resistance. The purpose of optimization is not to. Make it difficult to do business on the web due to the ne to change meta tags, organize the structure of Greece Mobile Number List headers or set rirects. The implementation of optimization recommendations. Will strengthen and even improve the position of the website in search results for specific keywords. What evidence do we have for this Look at the following cases. Case The client runs an online store.

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The contract was sign at the beginning of the month. Phrases did not come out in TOP at the beginning of cooperation. Optimization recommendations were prepar and implement by the client on December. The main changes includ the introduction of optimiz Title tags and headings. The client wrote and add to the website valuable, unique and interesting texts saturat with position keywords. Most of the phrases, after the implementation of optimization, jump to the second or third ten search results. At the beginning of January, almost percent. keywords were in the TOP. From the beginning of the month, the website was strengthen with valuable USA B2B List links, but the implementation of optimization help to improve the website’s position and stand out from the th page of the SERPs.

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