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Action Identify the main issues and goals For example. Google Analytics may indicate that the main problem on the page is that users add a product to the cart but do not complete the purchase. In this case, your main goal should be to investigate. Why this is happening and improve this stage in the customer s purchase journey. It is best to set yourself an easily measurable and realistic goal e.g. improvement by per week or by per month. Action Optimize the page. Once you know the statistics and clearly defin the problems and goals, it remains to optimize the website.

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Website optimization is a broadly. Understood improvement of the appearance of the website, the content appearing on it and the ease of navigating it. Sometimes tweaking small things can make a big difference in conversion results. Why is conversion going down What to do when the conversion rate drops Another interesting question is why Ukraine Mobile Number List the conversion rate drops. This can happen when the page is optimiz once and left alone. However, it happens that the website is constantly optimiz, and yet the conversion rate is lower and lower. In this case, you ne to look at a few issues and, if you get worrying results, make the necessary changes. There are many ways to improve your conversion rate.

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We present of the most important of them. Real information Check Is all the information on the website correct Is any information withheld from customers. Tip All content on the website should be factually correct. Product description inconsistent with the product itself may cause the customer who order the product to never return to your online store. CTA call to action Check Do you have enough CTA buttons on your website Tip CTAs are broadly defin calls to action. Put short calls on the page that will get users to interact. These calls are usually made USA B2B List in the imperative form, eg. Buy Now , Subscribe , Read More Try it Free.