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The result was justifiable public outrage, especially in. South Africa, where six chain stores were destroy in the riots. In addition, two designers and rappers, including musician. The Weekend , withdrew from working with the store. H&M’s reaction was to issue an apology in the style of sorry not sorry,in which the spokesman declar that this advertising campaign has already disappear from all our services, we apologize to everyone who felt offend by this action. H&M source fashionpost.pl Pepsi Pepsi had a big slip up in the s thanks to a campaign that was carri. Out around the world, but end in a disaster in the Philippines.

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The company to launch a lottery in which you could win various prizes. It was enough to find the right number under the cap of the drink. In the Philippines, the grand prize was , , pesos, which is roughly equivalent to. In the s, there was extreme poverty in the Philippines, but the vision of winning so much money fuel the consumption of Pepsi. It turn Iran Mobile Number List out that the brand accidentally, caps with the winning number Pepsi, and as compensation offer. Dollars to each person with the winning cap. The effect was not long in coming. Riots and protests broke out, as a result of which many people were and three employees of the company were kill.

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The brand from this crisis only after two years. See what it is and how you can use it Rye Extra Here’s an example from our backyard. The producer of Extra vodka to create a funny post on Facebook. To do this, he us a photo of four men carrying a fifth who is unable to walk on his own. The photo was caption Hangover Script written by. It was to be funny, it was to be a reference to a popular movie. And it is possible that it would be so, if not for USA B2B List the fact that in the photo we do not see drunk friends, but a victim of the brutally suppress strike of NSZZ Solidarity in.