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His motivations are different they are divid into internal and external. The internal ones result from personality traits, the external ones are relat to the. Influence of other people family, friends, neighbors and advertisements. Those close to the consumer, as users of a product, make the desire to possess this product stronger than when the consumer is guid solely by internal motivations. In turn, advertisements may cause the consumer to feel a ne previously unconscious. Tip Creating an ad for a product or service is the first and most obvious thing you can do to influence a consumer s purchasing decisions.

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The statement advertising as a lever of trade however archaic it may sound is still valid. Searching for information In short. The second stage is the search for information the consumer wonders how he can meet his ne. So, she gets acquaint with the market opportunities for learning Spanish these are individual classes, group classes and online Paraguay Mobile Number List courses. More This stage is consider the most important of all. This is because during the process, the client initially selects specific brands and specific products that will be taken into account in the next stage.

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He is guid by both internal own likes and beliefs and external suggestions from family and friends and advertisements motivations. Tip Take care of the quality of the ad. Provide the client with as much clear, legible information as possible about the products or services offer. Take into account the target group, ie. People who are likely to be interest in your offer address them directly. Assessment of choice In short The third stage is the choice assessment ​​the consumer considers which service will meet his ne best. He analyzes and evaluates various USA B2B List possibilities he decides. For example, to take an online course due to the lack of ne to leave home and the competitive price.