The right opinion leader and use him for one’s communication.

Lifestyles Lifestyle represents the segmentation criterion according to which opinions, interests, attitudes that influence the purchasing process are put together. The way it relates to the external environment and how it lives by consuming.  A classification could be this according to the VALS method (values ​​and life styles) which indicates its psychographic segmentation.

Makers: few economic resources and focus on concrete things

socio-cultural influences Unlike the psychological variables. Which are internal to the consumer, here we describe those external to him that can condition him. Opinion leaders and influencers. Opinion leaders are people who possess a certain degree of authority and  Chinese American Phone Number List knowledge of a product, so much so that their opinions matter to others as well. The challenge is to identify , as he must have values ​​similar to the brand and be the spokesperson for the same attributes associated with it. Word of mouth.

The most frequent interpersonal influence phenomenon

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the result of normal conversations. Reference,  USA B2B List   groups. Associations and groups of people who gravitate around the individual can condition their beliefs and behaviors, Family. The family and the processes.  within it are fundamental for . marketing since a consumer “learns” to consume a specific product within.  A specific family and subsequently pass it on to other people or to the family group that he will form himself in the future . How to identify the consumer? In this article we will find out how, with truly negligible costs, the consumer identifies with online tools.

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