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March 7, 2023 By luedh

Tip Only offer products and services that your customers will be happy to recommend to family and friends. Take care not only about their high quality, but also about the highest level of service. Good customer relations are no less important than your offer. The EBK model and what next Knowlge of the EBK model can of course significantly facilitate influencing customers and their purchasing decisions. It is also worth remembering that in today s world, consumers are mostly Internet users. Online shopping is therefore becoming more and more popular , and according to forecasts, its popularity will continue to grow.

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That is why in the next part of the article we will answer questions about influencing the behavior of consumers using the web. We will tell you how to influence the purchasing decisions of Internet users and how to build the cribility of an online store. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine shopping on the Internet without at least a short check Conduit CN of a given product or service provider. Potential customers are looking for detail technical data and, above all, opinions of other network users. This stage of the purchasing process is referr to as the. Zero Moment of Truth. As it turns out, a marketing strategy bas on the.

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Model can bring a number of benefits, l by higher conversion and growing brand reputation. The traditional model of the purchasing process. The so call moments of truth are not new, but it is not without reason that specialists have begun to see the ne to create another one. Until recently, three were known Stimulus. First Moment of Truth FMOT. Second Moment of Truth SMOT, Second Moment of Truth. A stimulus is nothing more than a simple message, thanks to which a potential customer learns about a given product or service. So the USA B2B List stimulus can be, for example, an advertisement or a sponsor article. Its task is to direct you to the store.