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Have at least main colors for bigger elements. On your graphics, and plementary colors to add as accents And to ensure consistency, don’t forget to include their. HEX codes and RGB codes Brand Fonts visual branding guide Select a maximum of brand fonts that fit your brand well One main font for headlines One font for subheadlines or body copy long paragraphs One font that will be us. as a special accent font for special events like holidays or announcements Be sure that these font styles will be us. consistently across all your marketing materials Typography visual branding guide Aside from picking out your brand fonts, you ne. to set up guidelines for.

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How they re going to be laid out through. Your graphics Which binations are ok, and which should never be put together in one image. As a content creator, be sure you avoid overcrowding your graphics with text and set them up in a way your audience can clearly read any message plac. in your image Speaking of graphics, check out this post next to learn how to create quality business graphics Use of Photos visual branding guide Include examples of images Belize Mobile Number List that you can and cannot use for your brand This will serve as your visual cues It’s important to have images of the products you sell or the services you offer, but you can also take advantage of royalty-free stock images.

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Either way you ne to control the quality of any photos. You do use for your business One pro tip is to avoid super stock photos like this. A better idea would be to go for more natural-looking images that offer personal connection like this instead. Also, be sure to add using higher resolution images in your image guidelines Accent Elements visual branding guide. These can be shapes, patterns, or textures To be sure you’re not introducing anything visually off-brand, decide on what plimenting elements you can use as accents for your graphics And then, try USA B2B List not to use ones that might dominate the image to a point where your intend. message is no longer what’s catching the.