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When advertising on IG Stories, you want to go into it with a strategy so you’re not just throwing money around. Use one of the engagement stickers to make the most of the time spent on your Story. About Instagram Stories Before we go and teach you how to optimize Instagram Story ads, let’s define it first. Stories is the best feature on Instagram at the moment, hands down. Unlike the fe, you ne to open Stories intentionally, and millions of users do just that every day. What Is A Story & How Does It Work If you have the Instagram app, you can make Stories.

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Cost to advertise on Instagram They’re vertical videos or images that show up full screen on your phone. They’re separate from your post fe. Stories are visible for hours and then disappear. You can save Stories to Highlights on your Profile so they can be view after hours. Stats On Instagram Stories It’s impossible for a small business to do everything if you don’t have a lot of resources like time, money, or employees . Let Us Grow Your Revenue. Increase Ivory Coast Mobile Number List revenue with done for you marketing Custom marketing strategy back by data and results Affordable marketing services with no long term contract.

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So when new features come out or new advertising platforms, it’s hard to figure out whether you want to take the time to pursue that option. So, we’ve collect some powerful stats from around the internet to show you why Stories is a great idea for your business. There are over million active daily Stories users. U.S. marketers allocate around of their Instagram budget for ads on Stories. of users post Support Small Business Sticker in their stories in USA B2B List just a month. Approximately . of Instagram’s users post stories every day. Roughly of millennials publish or watch Instagram Stories.