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Blue hat The last hat is responsible for managing the rest. When we put on this color, we should tie what we work out with previous hats, and verify that. The potential of each of the stages has been fully us. See How to encourage employees to share and like company social mia team thinking hats how can you use them in your organization You can use ward de. Bono’s method in almost any situation, both individually and when working in a group. Let’s assume that you want to delegate the running of the PPC campaign to an external agency. Let’s analyze this situation using hats.

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White hat I want our company’s. PPC campaigns to be manag by an external agency. R hat I am concern whether the agency will approach the assignment fairly. It seems to me that outsiders can see what we cannot see. I am worri whether the Chile Mobile Number List agency will feel our brand. I don’t feel it is necessary to outsource this task. Green hat Let’s organize a workshop for agency employees. Who will be carers of our company to get to know our brand better. Let’s propose business integration with agency employees so that we can get to know each other better.

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Yellow hat A look from the outside will help us create a new quality. We will unlock internal resources, our employees will now be able to take care of other tasks. We can use the knowlge and experience of experts. Black Hat An intern will handle our assignment. This is a higher cost than commissioning our employees to run the campaign. It is not known whether the agency will inform us about everything. They certainly treat other customers. More professionally USA B2B List and with greater commitment. Blue hat manages the other hats, collects all information together.