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March 2, 2023 By luedh

Best Practices For Each Audience Type. Engagement Audience Best Practices Never buy engagement, or this metric is worthless to you. Make sure your content is worth engaging with . Customer List Best Practices Make sure those people choose to be on your customer list. Don’t buy random contacts. You run the risk of being mark as spam and losing the ability to advertise. Make sure you update these lists. As you get new email subscribers, routinely add them to your custom list so they can be includ in new ad campaigns and Lookalike audiences.

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App Activity Best Practices Advertise to your. App users on Facebook, and create audiences bas on in-app activity. For example, the purchases or number of days play or days since last open. Before you can use an audience for app activity you ne a couple of things Register your app. Set up the SDK and log app events on the Facebook for Developers website. You Malaysia Phone Number List can select from pre-designat in-app events or create your own. The app events your app is set up to measure will automatically populate in the drop-down menu during setup. Website Best Practices Track visitors to your website back to Facebook using your install Facebook Pixel.

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You ll manage Events to decide what to track. Show ads to visitors depending on their activity on the website pages visit, adds to cart, etc. Make sure you set up your Pixel and use Events to manage the events you’d like to track. Let’s look at how to set up a custom audience now. Let’s create a custom audience that we can use on your Instagram ad strategy instagram ad strategy From Business or Ads Manager, click the hamburger menu, find USA B2B List Audiences, and click it. Now you’ll click the blue Create Audience dropdown, then choose Custom Audience.