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The most important rirect codes are. Multiple Choices many choices; there are more ways to handle a given query, and thus we can get a choice of an unambiguous query among the possible ones. Mov Permanently permanent rirection; means that resources. From a given page have been permanently mov to another address. This is probably the most us rirect, because it also allows you to partially transfer the power of external links leading to the old address. To the new to which we have been rirect. Found Mov Temporarily found temporarily rirect; means. That resources from a given page are temporarily locat at a different address.

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It is worth noting that such a rirect does not. Transfer the power of external links like a rirect. See Other see others; information that resources from a given page are locat elsewhere. This is the correct rirect in response to POST requests. Not modifi not modifi; information that the resources on the website have not been modifi in accordance with the Argentina Mobile Number List client’s request. Use Proxy use a proxy; the resource in question must be referenc through the proxy server provid in the. Location response Too Many Rirects Too many rirects. It is recommend that the rirect chain is not too long.

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Customer Application Error Codes. Client application error codes mean that the client usually the browser in our case encounter an error. Mostly it is explain with code , the most common of which are Bad Request an incorrect request resulting, for example, from incorrect spelling. Unauthoriz unauthoriz access; the resource request requires authentication. Forbidden forbidden; means that the user does not have permissions to access the resources. Not Found USA B2B List not found; the server did not find the resource at the given, and additionally. There is no information that anything ever exist under it.