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March 6, 2023 By luedh

SEO work what is it So let’s start from the very beginning, ie. From explaining who an SEO specialist is and what he does . Well, it is a person who deals with positioning and optimization of websites and online stores. Its purpose is to increase the website’s visibility in. Google search results and place the website in the highest possible ranking. To achieve this, an SEO expert performs different tasks every day. The most important of them include analysis of the competition of a given website, link building , i.e. gaining valuable links leading to the target website, preparation of. SEO reports, conversion analysis, traffic monitoring and KPI, care for providing the right content to.

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The pages eg product descriptions and categories. In the store, blog entries, guides, articles, etc. , choosing the right keywords , participation. In developing a marketing strategy, searching for thematic niches, systematic checking of the website’s position. In search results, analysis of positioning progress and introducing changes to improve results. Qualities of a good SEO specialist A good SEO specialist is distinguish by specific features . Therefore, people Indonesia Mobile Number List who are patient, accurate and persistent, and at the same time creative and creative, will find themselves in this profession. It is important that an expert in this field has an open mind. Is not afraid to think outside the box and look for new solutions.

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Analytical skills are also very important, because. Data analysis, strategy building, reporting and drawing conclusions are the basis of the positioner’s daily work. At least basic knowlge of computer science, programming and marketing will also prove useful. knowledge in the field of positioning by reading dozens of books, browsing hundreds of. Websites and selecting the most important information from them. You can also opt for a course during which experienced. SEO experts will provide you with the most up to date, reliable and necessary knowledge in the field of positioning. When deciding on an SEO course , remember to choose a training USA B2B List that includes. Not only theoretical but also practical learning. For example, during the.