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Thanks to this discovery. Nivea creat a new product Black & White Invisible Spray. A deodorant that was suppos to solve the problem of discoloration on clothes turn out to be a success. The brand itself stat that including it in the offer was the best achievement in the years of the brand’s existence. The example of Nivea shows that . can be a powerful tool in product development. The information obtain with its help can indicate specific customer problems and be the basis for introducing innovative solutions that are a response to real nes. Merchant Who among us does not know instant dishes and. Chinese soups They are inexpensive, quick to prepare, but.

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They are not very healthy. The Kupiec brand want to introduce this type of dishes to its offer, but before doing so, together with researchers, they check how. Internet users approach such solutions. To see if this idea had potential, they us social listening and research a dozen key phrases. Bas on the activity of potential customers, they got acquaint with users’ opinions on quick meals. The results were surprising because it turn out that yes, instant Ivory Coast Mobile Number List dishes. Have negative connotations, but they are not call that by users. The terms ready meal or lunch to pour appear. As a result of this cooperation, a new product was creat Anatomy of a. Healthy Lunch, a quick dish to pour boiling water over.

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This dish, unlike competitors, had a very good composition. The example of the Merchant shows how, thanks to. You can create products that change the market and the perception of a certain product category. See Brand purpose why is it important Summary. Gives valuable knowlge about insights. Companies can use it to create innovations, optimize products, develop the customer journey, as well as in the field of communication. Research USA B2B List into the behavior, nes and problems of. Internet users is a source of knowlge about trends that can be us in business development.