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February 28, 2023 By luedh

Per result is really high or none istent because you’re not getting any sales and you check your frequency and it’s low, then you look at your If your is low, or your link clicks are low, then that means there’s either something wrong with the ad itself or the target audience you’re delivering it to This means either your ad isn’t captivating enough, or addressing the right pain points or goals of your target audience Or maybe it is, but you’re showing it to the wrong audience Now if you are getting a lot of link clicks, but not conversions that means your ad is doing its job.

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It s getting people’s attention and getting them to click to your site But then something on your site is deterring them from purchasing Here are a couple of things that could be going wrong there a Your ad and your website or whatever landing page you’re sending them to are not congruent This means the offer, branding, and verbiage they see on the ad is not the same as what they’re seeing on the website the ad sends them to b Your website is bad Ukraine Mobile Number List Now we know that’s blunt and subjective, but here are a few e amples of what we mean It’s poorly design It’s not practical.

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Or in some cases not fully functional It doesn’t give people a clear of what to do or where to go Maybe the loading time is so slow that people e it before it’s even load all the way, which happens a lot If you’re an eCommerce store owner, you can take this a step further by looking at your Add to Cart metric ad results If you’re seeing a high , and lots of add to carts but not many conversions, the problem is probably in your checkout process Either USA B2B List something is not working correctly or quickly there Or, maybe you’ve got some high shipping costs or long delivery times that are.