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Concept is also relat to the fact that many brick and mortar stores have start to move online. At that time, the competition was growing very quickly, and in order to be successful in sales, it was no longer enough to just be on the Internet , it was necessary to focus on the individual user and his experiences after getting traffic. mobile traffic in Poland Graphics mobile vs. desktop traffic in May in Poland Source https What is the difference between an SXO service and an SEO service To someone who is not a specialist in the field of Internet marketing, it may seem that the SXO service is no different from the SEO service.

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Nothing could be more wrong. SXO is about taking much more action than SEO. SXO is a broader concept that includes. SEO activities narrower concept. The results of SXO activities Taking comprehensive actions relat to the above mention. SEO, CRO and UX brings the following results attracting the attention of web users, rirecting. Them to a given page providing these users with valuable, high quality content, which will keep Austria Phone Numbers List their. Attention and motivate them to return to the website encouraging users to act send an inquiry. Complete the form, and as a result purchase a product or service.

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The key to the implementation of all. That has been describ above is to listen to the expectations and nes of customers. This is what SXO is. What is an SXO audit SXO audit is a thorough analysis of a given website. It is a combination of. SEO audit , CRO audit and UX audit. It is mainly bas on A B testing , comparing two versions of the site to choose the one that meets more criteria. It checks such elements as website loading time, website navigation. Internal connections between subpages, menu readability, content quality, including their appropriate saturation. With keywords and phrases, ease of taking action on the website, including, above. All, conversion USA B2B List purchase in a store or filling out a contact form and many others.