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Their main tasks are, to varying degrees, preventing crises, maintaining a good image despite the crisis, as well as contacts with the meia. Not everyone realizes that the goals of public relations can be measure. They are often expresse in numerical or percentage form, more reach on the Internet or X newspapers that will write about the company. PR activities serve three functions . The basis for most activities is the image function . Next, it is an eucational and integrative function . Community blog PR activities – definition Knowing the definition of Public Relations.

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What it is, what are the functions and goals of PR, we are able to consider another issue, what exactly are PR activities? The definitions of experts in the subject, which can be found in many positions, help us in this. Public relations activities phone number list primarily “are use to create a positive image and build bonds with the environment.” – explains Barbara Rozwadowska in “Public Relations. Theory, practice of perspective”. In addition, thanks to these activities, we are able to gain and maintain a loyal group of customers. Ewa Cenker in the book “Public relations” describes what these activities consist of.

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He points out that ” they aim at influencing social groups.  It is discovering what people like about themselves and strengthening these sympathies, and discovering what they do not like, it is recognizing the strivings of society and determining directions and ways of acting in the public interest, as well as systematic efforts towards mutual USA B2B List understanding between an organization and the public.” PR activities – quotes Many authors list specific public relations activities performe by companies. One of the main PR activities is meia relations, meia relations. Lechosław Garbarski in the book “Marketing” says that ” They consist in providing information to meia representatives free of charge, so that they can be use by them as journalistic material.