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He potential of this format is notic not only. By the mia, trainers, publishers, influencers, but also by commercial companies. Podcasts are a convenient form for listeners who can listen to them while performing everyday activities, such as cooking, cleaning, walking or driving. On the other hand, an audio broadcast is a simple and cheap way to advertise your business. Creating high quality, specializ content and building authority in the eyes of recipients brings a lot of benefits. No one nes to be convinc how a valuable interview, training. Or sharing news from the industry affects trust in the brand.

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Everything indicates that podcasts will be one of the. Most interesting and fastest growing forms of inbound marketing, also in. More podcasts artefakt. podcast o marketingu internetowym artecast Growth in video and live webinar interest. In , the interest in webinars or videos, especially those conduct live, also increas. According to Sri Lanka Mobile Number List statistics this spring, Facebook record a increase in viewership of live streams worldwide. The reason for the increas interest was the first wave of the pandemic, during which many aspects of everyday life mov online. Of course, minor adjustments were made on a monthly basis, but they did not have a big impact.

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Despite this, everything indicates that live streaming will not lose its popularity in as well. According to statistics available on the. HubSpot website, of respondents were convinc to buy a product or service by watching videos, and of brands gain a new customer thanks to video in social mia. The increase in interest in films broadcast in real time is. Influenc not only by personal limitations, but above all by the advantages of this mium. Video is a USA B2B List fast, effective and, above all, authentic means of transmitting information. And this is what today s audiences expect.

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