All this is the work of a consultant who has obtain apple

October 23, 2023 By luedh


 This is in summary the meaning of the innovative and revolutionary apple technology call   zero-touch  : without touch (apart from turning it on) the device is already ready with your pre-set configurations. Prepar  directly by the manufacturer before being shipp  . All this is the work of a consultant who has obtain  apple certification as a help desk technician: when ordering he set everything up at the origin. Zero-touch: who ne s it? Zero-touch technology can be activat  for purchases by companies (business) and schools ( ucation). For private individuals it would not make sense to preset everything. Also because the configuration of the private device is excellently guid  by the operating system itself.

The consultant specializ


 Instead. Think about purchasing dozens country email list or hundr s of iphones or ipads (but also macs and apple tvs ) for companies and schools. with particular configuration ne s and different levels of access to services. The consultant specializ  in training services for companies can set all permissions and configurations remotely . Saving time and r ucing the possibility of error compar.  to the manual configuration method. Thanks to the skills acquir  in the macos and ios specialist courses. Zero-touch: how it works and what the advantages are zero-touch is a feature of apple business manager (also available for apple school manager ) that allows you to set up a new apple device remotely (mac. Iphone. Ipad or apple tv).

The user receives the device directly


 This technology allows the end user to receive the device directly from the purchase channel and to unbox it USA B2B List with the automatic acquisition of the configuration . Finding the profile already creat  by the consultant for that device. In fact. When devices are purchas . The apple service allows it to assign the device configuration before actually receiving the device itself. The consultant prepares the profile without having the device in hand. The user receives the device directly from apple (or the retailer) without the new purchase having to go through. For example. The company’s headquarters.