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Remain long term clients and even to send a few referrals your way Or in either case, B C or B B, you might have an up sell product or service This is where you can nurture your e isting customers into purchasing that Either way, the Advocacy stage helps you work smarter not harder You’ve already work so hard to obtain these customers, so don’t let communication just end at the sale Make sure you’re milking your customers for all that they’re worth to get ma imum purchase value from them In other words, start increasing your average customer lifetime value.

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So that s the basic outline of an advertising funnel It’s important to understand that first because it will help you understand and address your customers better when you’re building out your ad campaigns And on that note, let’s go ahead and start applying specific actions to our funnel How To Create A Ad Funnel Step Top of the funnel This means Romania Mobile Number List you are running ads to a cold audience This will look different depending on the nature of your business and the price point of what you offer A lot of eCommerce stores, for e ample, can get away with directly.

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Asking for the sale here It’s because people don’t usually ne to give a ton of thought to whether they want to buy this bracelet they’re seeing in a FB ad right now or not In this case, you can run conversion ads that send people directly to your website or product page because it’s a quick, impulse buy ad funnel But if you sell higher pric products or services you’ll want to run ads ads in the U S but if you’re running ads in multiple countries, the same principle USA B2B List applies here where you can determine which country is driving the most results and which is driving the least and make inform.