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October 11, 2023 By luedh

Distancing me a little from watches that already have great fame. There are many independent brands that produce beautiful watches. But have little “wiggle room” in the complex world of luxury watches. Furthermore. Another objective that is being achiev day after day is to increasingly grow and strengthen this “Network” of trust sellers that we have creat. Who sell timepieces of great value and are serious people and professionals who deserve to be seen. And recommend. To the detriment of those who sell watches online on the main marketplaces that are not entirely original.

Young Target However It is Not Just

With this network we want to help the end customer not to get scamm which unfortunately are always around the corner today b2b email list     and we want to reward the serious trader by giving him visibility and exclusive benefits. So to summarize my activity is taking place and will take place collaborating with three major categories in the world of luxury: watch brands. Sellers of new. Vintage and second-hand luxury watches. And specializ events. How do brands. And rolex in particular. Relate to you and the work that you and your family carry out every day? This job has allow me to come into contact with the realities of many brands and it is one of the aspects I adore most.

Fashion That is Riding This Wave in 2019

With the brands we collaborate with there is respect. Mutual esteem and a sharing of values. The rolex. What can I say. Is a world apart. Made up of a thousand facets and particularities that make it unique in the world. Sometimes it is difficult to understand them all but it is nice to be part of their reality (even if our brands are absolutely and in no way link to this brand). How do you think the  USA B2B List luxury watch sector will evolve in the coming years. Thinking for example of the new consumers represent by gen z and gen x? Until ten days ago I would have answer you by saying that I see the watch sector as always very strong and even if apple watches and all the technology we know have arriv.