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February 27, 2023 By luedh

But we also want to it the font to make it similar to what we have on our existing brand guide. If you have a social mia branding guide for your business, it would be good to have that open in a window. This is so you have something to look at if you want to check what fonts or colors you should be using for your video. Step Now, we want our text to be easier to read so we ne to darken our background. We can do that by clicking on our background video and then clicking the Opacity button at the top. We’re going to lower the opacity of our video and then it the background color behind the video by clicking on this box.

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Now we want to set the undertone color of the background video to be dark brown, so let’s find the right shade that works to make our text more readable. Speaking of backgrounds, check out this post next if you want to learn how to remove image background using too. Step So now let’s move on to adjusting when in our timeline the text should show up. Let’s say we want to have our text show a little after letting the plain video in the background run alone for a few Honduras Mobile Number List seconds we’re going to click and drag this marker to the second we want the text to first appear on the screen. In this case, we want our message to pop out after seconds.

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Once we ve dragg our marker to seconds, right click on your scene and select “Split”. What that will do is split our scene exactly at the point we’ve mark it earlier. Then we can delete the text on our first half of the separat scene so that our text shows up at the second mark on the second half. Step We can also add animations to each individual text, or you can also group them to share the same animation. Our frame currently has animation from the text preset we pick earlier, but we want to change it. So, we’re going to click on the Effect button that currently USA B2B List says Rise, and after that, select None so we can start with no effects on any of our text.