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If it is shorter great, it means that the company is. Confident in its skills and will work well enough that we will not want to terminate the contract after the end of the minimum period. In the case of contracts over a year another r light appears. It binds our hands, because in the absence of effects, we are forc to stay in this relationship , and when we want to part, we are threaten Penalty. The contractual penalty should be well argu, and not appear in the provisions on the maybe he won t notice rule. Therefore, it is worth asking the representative of the agency to explain this issue from the contract. Notice period. The shorter the better.

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The standard should be month. In the case of longer periods more than months , as in the case of a contractual penalty, you should ask the agency. Where this provision came from, because in our opinion it should only be us in really exceptional situations eg. Leaving the Google filter. Direct contact. The standard is an individual supervisor who is responsible for the results of activities. Let s avoid companies where it is not known who deals with Indian Phone Number List our. SEO, but the person responsible for paying is well known. Informations about company. The choice of the company that will position the website for us is not a beauty contest, so let s try to get information that. Should actually tip the scales in the direction of this or that company. Google AnalyticsPortfolio.

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I wouldn t overestimate this element, but it s nice. When serious companies already cooperate or have cooperat with our future partner. The most important thing is what the company has prepar for us anyway. Experience. It is very good if the company has position, or is already positioning, websites from our industry. This means that they know the specifics, know what phrases to choose, and above all they already have thematic background for positioning. Certificates. Note there is no such thing as a positioning certificate. The only valuable USA B2B List documents confirming the agency s reliability are web analytics certificates Google Analytics.