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Settings This is to avoid technical errors with reaching your destination URL Some special characters for e ample and others cause errors when they’re includ in the query string at the end of the URL Some ad specifications you ne to know details If you don’t include a banner, ads from other advertisers may appear in that slot Learn more about banner images Once you’ve add a creative to a campaign, it can’t be delet If you don’t want the creative attach to your campaign, delete the draft campaign and create a new one If you chose the Lead Generation objective.

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You ll ne to attach a form to your ad Click the form details section and click the Form dropdown to either select an e isting Lead Gen Form or create a new one On the Ads in this campaign screen, you can also Duplicate, it, or Send test by clicking the More icon to the right of the ad Click the status dropdown menu to change the status of the ad from Uganda Mobile Number List Draft to Active Once an ad has been chang to active, it can’t be it The ad status will ne to be chang before the ad can display to members in your target audience Click Ne t Review and Launch Your Campaign Make sure all your.

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Campaign details and settings are correct To change or make its to any section, click Previous button at the bottom of the page Click Launch Campaign button near the top right or at the bottom of the page Your ad will start serving once it’s approv Messaging Ad Tips And Best Practices There’s never a guarantee that a specific style or targeting or budget will bring you success, but you can follow best practices to give you a good start USA B2B List Define the objective for your ad You can use Messaging ads to Drive brand consideration and engagement Generate demand and leads.