Don’t ask for bubbles in a coffee

October 10, 2023 By luedh

Don’t ask for bubbles in a coffee by Victor Campusano | 26 Oct 2013 | Reflections | 40 Comments It’s been a long time since, euphoric and full of hope. I uttered this phrase in front of people that I really appreciate right now and today. Remembering that moment, these words have come Don’t ask back to me. Although they may seem like one of my bullshit (yes, it could be that it was) contain something that for me is a great truth. You cannot ask something for those things that, by definition, it cannot give you .

Come on, okay, one of those posts that Víctor calls “reflections” and that have nothing to do with either Blogging or Online Marketing. Well no. This is a reflection but it has a lot to do with it .

The metaphor Don’t ask

The metaphor of coffee that cannot contain bubbles How do you like coffee? Surely there will be thousands of different answers to that question. I hallucinate when I’m having one in a bar and. I see how the company data customers. who come and go order it: plain, with milk, cut, decaffeinated cut, machine cut decaffeinated with natural milk and saccharin, condensed milk cut with saccharin ( in Seriously? Well yes, this is true too… ). Anyway, there are many ways, depending on tastes, but, after many days of observing, none of those “observed” has ever thought of ordering a coffee with bubbles.

Conservative mode

Conservative mode: define your product well, so that no one asks you for anything you can’t give them. You’re getting it, right? I’m convinced, sometimes I’m like saying “dude, stop USA B2B List writing the post now, if you get what you want to say…” but I don’t know what I know, if I want to write. I need to write! Let’s see, what we were going for… Notice that no one thinks of ordering a coffee with bubbles because, despite there being so many options, the “coffee” product is so assumed and defined that no one stops to think about “why? ” must be like this?”. And this is an advantage if you don’t want to take risks.