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Therefore nothing stands in the way of withdrawing. From the contract without giving a reason and without incurring costs within days. Or months, if the seller has not inform about the right to withdraw from the contract. The amendment also allows you to question prohibit clauses, e.g. regarding high contractual penalties for failure to meet certain deadlines, and allows you to file a complaint if the purchas goods have a defect a person running. A business may finally demand a refund, repair of the product or its replacement with a new one. However, for a sole proprietor to be treat as a consumer, a certain important condition must be met regarding the sales contract.

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The transaction cannot be of a professional. Nature, which means that consumer protection for entrepreneurs will be appli only when the business. Owner purchases goods unrelat to the industry in which he operates. In what situations will the entrepreneur gain consumer privileges in examples The new rights apply to all persons who run a sole proprietorship in Poland. The scale of business does not matter the amendment covers both small Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List and large entities. However, the aforemention condition of the professional nature of the contract is important. The legislator assumes that the entrepreneur does not have to know about the purchas goods that do not directly concern his business.

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Therefore, in certain situations, he should be treat not. As the owner of the company, but as a consumer. The easiest way to explain the changes. In consumer law, which were originally suppos to come into force on. June, is to use simple examples. A hardware retailer buys paint to paint a store The paint is not directly relat to the specialization of the person running. The computer shop, so the purchase is not professional in nature. The entrepreneur USA B2B List will be treat as a consumer in this situation. May apply for for the return of goods purchas online to the company.