End of Message Ads on LinkedIn Ads and Alternatives (EU Only)

July 3, 2024 By sakil506

Well yes, a few days ago we received the news from LinkedIn : For privacy reasons, the sending of within the scope of the countries of the European Union is suspended . 

I have no doubt that the classic LinkedIn gurus will come out and say “it was coming”, but the reality is that this is news that caught many agencies and companies off guard , and that makes us rethink many things.

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What are LinkedIn Message Ads?

Still don’t know what these sponsored message campaigns are ?  Israel Mobile Number List We’ve talked about them on our blog, here are a couple of articles that might interest you:

  • LinkedIn Inmails o Sponsored Inms advertising campaign . In case you are one of the lazy people who prefer not to read the previous articles, I will summarize them below.

A sponsored message is a private message sent from one member to another. There are “organic” messages and there are promoted messages. In the case of promoted messages, we also find Inmails and conversation ads . 

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The personalization of these messages, combined with the great segmentation power that LinkedInness.linkedin.com/es-es/marketing-solutions/sponsored-messaging

End of inmails and conversation ads in the European Union

So, this article leaves us with a bittersweet feeling. It is true that it is a bit of an aggressive format, or at least more so than the usual sponsored content formats on social networks , but at the same time, we are going to miss them.

This is what LinkedIn officially communicated to us a few days ago:

Our goal as a network is to give our community of users the ability to  Belize Phone Number List personalize and control the content they see on LinkedIn, as well as connect them with opportunities. As a company, we have new product . Gevelopments planned for 2022, which we will share with you throughout the year.

In the meantime, we will suspend the sending of Sponsored Messaging campaigns within the scope of the European Union countries, following the following schedule:

As of December 15, it will no longer be  .  Possible to create new messaging . Campaigns (message ad or conversation ad) with targeting that includes countries belonging to the European Union.

Campaigns activated before that date, with an EU target, will suspend sending impressions as of January 10, 2022. Therefore, we recommend editing them before that date and removing any EU country from the segmentation.