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These audiences can be creat in a few different ways using different data. They also ne to be at least , users, so some audiences will take time to build. You can create a Custom Audience using Website Traffic ​Customer File ​Engagement ​App Activity ​Lead Generation If you want to learn more about each type of custom audience in more detail, you can find the information at TikTok Business Center. tiktok business center tiktok retargeting tips We’ll show you how to create each of these custom audiences and share tips, warnings, ideas, and other pertinent information as we go.

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Let s start with Website Traffic. How To Create Website Traffic Audience ​​Go to the Audience section under Assets. ​Click on Create Audience, choose Custom Audience, and select Website Traffic. ​Under Include, select the type of event and time Hong Kong Phone Numbers List period we provide various lookback windows and pixel name. ​Click the Add more rules icon and choose Broaden Audience or Narrow Audience. Broaden Audience allows you to create an audience with one event type or another event type. Whereas, Narrow Audience allows you to create an audience.

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With one event type and another event type For example, if an advertiser wants to create an audience for page views and add to cart, they would choose Narrow Audience. ​Click Exclude People then enter event type and time period, if you want to exclude certain users from being add to your list. You can skip this step if you want to include everyone. For example, we will select users who “View Content in the past days and exclude those who “Purchase in the past days. Toggle Auto-Refresh. The default status of the auto-refresh toggle is enabl for custom USA B2B List audiences with this option Name your audience. Click Confirm to create the audience. This type of audience is ideal if you sell.