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So you can boldly, but at the same time truthfully. Say that the functioning of the online store and the overall development of the business depends on the conversion rate. Learn more about conversion optimization in the article Conversion Rate Optimization. How to increase the conversion rate So it is worth considering what to do to improve conversion in the online store. This requires three basic actions. They are describ. below. Action Get conversion data by brands to promote products and services and to encourage fans to interact.  Conversion can be measur. using Google Analytics.

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This is a well known Google tool that allows you to easily and quickly analyze traffic statistics and user behavior on a website. Google Analytics provides about, among others about how many people visit. your website, how many people add. a given product to the basket, how many people eventually purchas. the product. Action Identify the main issues and goals. For example, Google Analytics may indicate that the main problem on the Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List page is that users add a product to the cart but do not complete the purchase. In this case, your main goal should be to investigate why this is happening and improve this stage in the customer s purchase journey.

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It is best to set yourself an easily measurable and. Realistic goal improvement by per week or by per month. Action Optimize the page. Once you know the statistics and clearly defin. the problems and goals, it remains to optimize the website. Website optimization is a broadly understood improvement of the Appearanc. Sometimes tweaking small things can make a big difference in conversion results. Why is conversion going down. What to do when the conversion rate drops Another interesting question is why the conversion rate drops. This can happen USA B2B List when the page is optimiz, once and left alone. However, it happens that the website is constantly optimiz,, and yet the conversion rate is lower and lower.