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Or about reaching a smaller group of. Committ people Social selling is an increasingly us type of marketing practice. Its popularity means that in addition to valuable and useful content, a lot of untrue information is circulating on the web. In this article we will try to deny most of them. It is worth starting from the beginning, ie. From the definition of social selling. What is social selling Properly understood social selling is building relationships both with current and. Potential customers using social mia such as Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, and above all LinkIn as part of a specific sales process.

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The above definition therefore denies the. Opinion that social selling is getting things done quickly. It s quite the opposite. The main assumption of social selling is listening to the nes of the environment and responding to them by proposing the best possible fulfillment of these nes. It is primarily associat with making conversations on the network. All Romania Mobile Number List this requires attention and time. So what plays a major role in this practice. It is an individual approach to each client. Social selling and traditional forms of reaching the customer. Social selling is primarily a response to the nes of the market.

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This is perfectly illustrat by research conduct. By numerous companies, such as Accenture, CEB Global, e Marketer, Executive Board and Forrester Research. According to these studies of B B customers make a purchasing decision before contacting a seller of. B B customers find buying directly via the website more convenient than contacting the seller of. B B buyers say they don t talk to a seller until they do their own research of buyers delete emails and. Voicemails from unknown people of B B customers declare that they prefer to buy products themselves. Than through an intermiary a tweet for customers is times less annoying than an e mail. It causes up to times USA B2B List less trouble than a telephone conversation with a representative of a given brand.