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It is recommend that the rirect chain is not too long. Customer Application Error Codes xx Client application error codes mean that the client usually the browser in our case encounter an error. Mostly it is explain with xx code , the most common of which are Bad Request an incorrect request resulting, for example, from incorrect spelling. Unauthoriz unauthoriz access; the resource request requires authentication. Forbidden forbidden; means that the user does not have permissions to access the resources. Not Found not found; the server did not find the resource at the given , and additionally there is no information that anything ever exist under it Method.

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Not Allow method not allow; the request. Method is not allow for the resource. In response, we also obtain information about the allow methods. Not Acceptable not allow; the request resource cannot return a response according to the information provid in the client’s query Proxy Authentication Requir requir authentication to the proxy, ie. The intermiary Benin Mobile Number List server Request Timeout the end of waiting time for the request; the customer did not submit the inquiry in a timely manner. Conflict conflict; The request could not be complet because there was a conflict with the current status of the resource.

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Gone remov; as with a response, the request. Resource is no longer available and will not be available at that address ever again. Too Many Requests The user has sent too many requests. Server error codes xx Server error codes are information that an error occurr on the server. Side, which in turn is unable to process the query correctly. The xx codes include Internal Server Error an internal server error during which the server could not determine what specifically caus it. Not Implement not implement; the request method is not support by the USA B2B List server. Bad Gateway gateway error; the proxy server receiv an invalid response from another server.