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Image building activities that are suppos. To influence the awareness of recipients and brand recognition during, for example, the. Company’s participation in various social campaigns. Channels that can be us include social mia, news portals and influencers. Increasing recognition recognition can be achiev through presence and visibility on various types of channels. This broadens the scope of reaching the recipients. The customer is more likely to invest in something that has caught his eye. Building a community taking care of good relations with observers, ie. Potential customers, should be the basis of the company’s communication strategy.

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Creating engaging content and messages. That encourage audience interaction. Effective actions in crisis situations in this case, it is worth taking. Care of internal and external communication. A good atmosphere in the company and an employee. Who feels safe is as important as a good reputation. See also: thinking hats what they are and how to Denmark Cell Phone Number List use them. PR and marketing Although PR and marketing are often merg into one, this is wrong. Marketing activities are focus on sales , their task is to persuade recipients to buy a product or service. They are target at specific groups of recipients who are potentially interest in a given brand.

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Focuses exclusively on good relations and. Image creation in the present and future. Marketing is relat to the market, customers and revenues, while. Public relations focuses on relations with the environment, culture and company policy. It’s good if public relations is part of your marketing strategy. It is important that these activities. Complement each other and go in the same direction. Good PR facilitates building relations within the company and. Supports its external image. Tools us on the web The range of possibilities for. PR activities is constantly USA B2B List expanding, and this is due to the emergence of new channels and types of cooperation.