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Bas on the conclusions from this data, you will. Optimize your activities and, above all, you will better understand your customers, their behavior, nes and problems. They make big brands like Pepsi, Nivea, See How to create and use a stakeholder map How it’s working. Uses various methods to obtain data. Examples of places where a researcher can look for information and tools they can use are · chatting on the company’s website eg. LiveChat , discussion groups eg. Facebook, LinkIn, Quora , data from Facebook Audience Insights as a demographic and psychological.

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Profile of users how to ask questions and interests nes of recipients. Answer The Public, Google Keyword Planner , online data analysis. Conversations, hashtags, tags· Crowdsourcing & co creation, ie. Places or websites that collect data and ideas from customers eg. Lego Ideas, Starbucks Ideas. Data obtain from. Can show problems that were previously Jordan Mobile Number List invisible to the. Company, support the communication and marketing path or become a source of innovation. Is a great digital research method for all companies that want to move towards. Customer centricity and research and optimize their customer path.

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How it works in practice. I will show on the examples of Nivea and Kupiec brands. Nivea Nivea invit Hyve for this project. Although at the beginning everyone was accompani by fears about this study and doubts whether there are people talking about deodorants online, they manag to achieve surprising results. Using three main groups of potential customers were distinguish. They were exercising at the gym, looking for advice on washing clothes, discussing health. What did these people have in common. Everyone was discussing the yellow USA B2B List underarm stains on. Their clothes, which they believ were the result of poor quality deodorants.