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November 16, 2023 By luedh

Over technical care our consulting services We provide consulting covering a very wide range, if you have questions or specific needs, contact us and present them to us, our experts will propose a support program and present the details of cooperation. What are innovation projects? In the simplest sense of the word, innovation is the introduction of something new. Innovation projects are those that concern the development, creation and/or implementation of new or improve products, services or processes. Many experts also believe that the aspect of commercialization of a given innovation is also important in the definition.

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It is primarily intend to concern some type of add value for the company, not necessarily directly relate to sales. Types of innovation Depending on the need, you can find many types and types of innovations. One of the most basic divisions of innovation is Photo Retouching the one develop by the OECD in . It divides innovations into types: product – regarding a new or improve product, process – regarding a new or improve process in the enterprise, marketing – regarding new or improve marketing methods and strategies, organizational– regarding new or improve organizational methods and strategies.

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Additionally, less common types of innovations can be distinguish, such as technological or social ones. JR Schermerhorn also points to sustainable innovations. See our glossary for more information about product innovation and business process USA B2B List innovation. Risks in innovative projects It is no secret that conducting innovative projects involves some type of risk. It is often impossible to get rid of them completely, which is why it is important to establish your own risk tolerance at the project planning stage. It is important to distinguish the concept of risk from the concept of uncertainty.