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This is especially the case with the acquisition of written content. So as you can see, high conversion rate is not everything. That is why it is also worth, apart from the main conversion, i.e. the so call macro conversion, study micro conversion. Thanks to its examination, it is possible to learn the detail behavior of our website users, which consists in obtaining valuable material us to optimize the website. What is a macro conversion. Macro conversions are also call major conversions or simply conversions. Their main goals as we mention at the beginning of the article include. Issues such as customer acquisition, selling the product.

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However in order to win a customer or sell a product. You ne to take care of many other seemingly trivial things these are what are understood as micro conversion. What is a microconversion Micro conversions similarly to macro conversions are also call small conversions. These are small, individual user actions that make up macro conversions. They Uganda Mobile Number List include eg. Activities such as visiting a specific subpage, clicking a specific button on the website. Downloading a file provid by the website, subscribing to the newsletter, using the search engine available on the website, using the. Filtration available on the website, leaving a comment.

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Reacting to a comment, adding an opinion. Adding a rating, adding a product to the basket, sharing content via social mia such as. Facebook, contacting the company via a form on the website, e mail, live chat, telephone, etc. Micro conversions and pitfalls in. Google Analytics Google Analytics metrics allow you to check what is the average time of a user s visit to the entire. Website, how much time on average the user spent on a specific subpage, what percentage of the article has been scroll i.e. most likely read by the user, what is the number of visits to USA B2B List internal. Links post on the website, what is the number of views of the video material post on the page.