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The Internet is a very dynamic. Environment where everything changes even from day to day. Investments in positioning. AdWords advertising or social mia marketing bring real benefits only when promotional activities are undertaken on a regular basis. The condition for success is also a competitive offer, experience of car mechanics and their approach to customer service. Paying attention to all the elements will take your business to the next level. The website should be transparent to both users and search engine robots. One of the elements that nes to be optimiz is.

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Friendly links help you find yourself in the. Structure of the website, help you achieve a better position in search results, and also look good after linking, eg. In social mia. How to prepare a good link What does a friendly URL look like. Friendly links are URL addresses that contain a logical string of characters and references to the parent category subpage and indicate to the user where he is currently on the website. There are no random parameters, numbers France Mobile Number List or expressions. They are easier to remember and look much better when post on social mia. A friendly address looks like this, for example. How to create friendly URLs An unfriendly URL usually looks like this reporting.

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The difference between the above examples. Will be notic by both the Internet user and the search engine robot. The presence of different parameters in the second link can cause it to be treat as spam, especially if the full address is us as an anchor and appears on the website. Benefits of friendly In the event of an emergency, vehicle owners can also use. Keywords that include the phrase near me. If the search is done on a mobile device or a desktop device. Google will detect the user s location and show car repair shops nearby. car repair shop gmf business USA B2B List card. To increase visibility on the local market, it is necessary to invest in local positioning, as well as in setting up and optimizing the.

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