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A good idea is to share valuable knowl,ge with listeners in order to build an audience, and then weave elements promoting the product or service into the broadcasts. In this way, he succe,, one of the greatest Polish authorities on personal finance. Michał Szafrański. The author of the podcast More than saving money first built his online reach through a blog and sound publications, and then promot, his two books in broadcasts and posts, which sold tens of thousands of copies. Not always a podcast has to use the knowl,ge of the author or individual employees of the company.

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Science fiction programs that tell an interesting story may turn out to be a hit. An example is the The Message series produc, by the marketing agency of General Electric. These eight episodes present a made up story about scientists working to decipher a mysterious message from outer space. The broadcast quickly conquer, the podcast USA Phone Number List charts. Podcasts also allow you to recycle content that has already been us, on the blog and, on the other hand, to create completely new articles. After recording, you can transcribe the broadcast and upload it to the network in text form, gaining a new entry. Audio publications are also great advertising.

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Podcast guests often share the episodes they star in, which makes it easy to expand your reach and reach new audiences. Internet entrepreneurs should seriously consider introducing a podcast to their promotional activities. You don t have to create your own series of radio plays right away. You can first ask other authors to create a sponsor, episode to promote your product or service. However, it should be remember, that the topics cover, by the podcaster must be in line with the company s activities. Where can I find or share podcasts There are USA B2B List many places on the web where both Polish and foreign podcasts are available. If we want to start listening on a smartphone, the recordings can be found in the.